Skin hydration

Skin health is very harmoniously linked to our own internal health and that of the world around us.

Dehydration and underlying pathological states such as impaired thyroid function, systemic inflammation, stress and diabetes; can all lead to skin appearing dull and dry. It is also a natural part of skin ageing and can be exacerbated by dry, cold climates; environmental pollutants, diet, alcohol, over-cleansing and UV exposure.

Hyaluronic acid, salts and proteins in our skin help to draw moisture into the skin which is essential for cellular life and energy. When hydration is present the skin is plump, cellular signalling and function is optimised and the membranes of our cells are supported. Furthermore, water molecules themselves are able to refract and absorb light which leaves the skin with lustre and glow. Without these effects, the skin barrier becomes impaired which can result in skin appearing dry and flaky. Not only does this have a cosmetic impact, but it also reduces the immune function of skin and can invite infection.

If your skin is feeling dry, flaky and dull come in and see an Aescend artisan. Not only do we provide a free full assessment that aims to discover the underlying cause of your skin concern(s), we can provide treatments aimed specifically at restoring lustre and dewiness.

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