Differences Between Salons and Aesthetic Clinics

Differences Between Salons and Aesthetic Clinics

A quick online search for say ‘beauty milton‘ may return results for Aescend Aesthetics and some of our local beauticians (who we love). This can be confusing, as beauty salons and aesthetic (cosmetic) clinics can sometimes overlap in services, and both are broadly concerned with physical enhancement.

Where the two differ is primarily in:

  • the invasiveness of the treatments they are able to provide
  • the qualifications they hold
  • the standards they must maintain
  • the professional organisations by which they are governed and
  • the clinical basis of their treatments

Aesthetics Clinics

Aesthetics Clinics are professional environments that are required to meet the standards of any healthcare facility. While they may employ beauty therapists, they are predominately involved in providing clinical services which must be delivered by either a nurse, doctor, nurse practitioner or dentist in Australia. They have authority to hold prescription-only products and medications, and with the correct training, are able to administer semi-invasive treatments that may carry some risk and downtime, though may be more superior in efficacy.

Beauty salons

On the other hand, while also being professional environments are not governed by health authorities, and do not hold the credentials to administer or obtain prescription items. Because of this they do not have to comply with agencies such as the Therapeutic Goods Administration or the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, and the invasiveness/risk associated with their treatments should be minimal. As they are also not bound by medical regulatory authorities or clinical governance standards, there are less restrictions on what they can advertise and/or make claims about – including the efficacy of their treatments. Furthermore, because they do not hold medical training, they are less well placed to deal with the complications/adverse outcomes that may arise through treatment including burns and infections.

What beauty salons do not have access to

Although treatments such as, non-invasive fat reduction, energy based therapies, laser and light therapies, skin needling, peels may be available under both disciplines, the treatments received despite using the same devices/techniques may not be the same.

For example beauty salons do not have access to pain relief beyond what is purchasable over-the-counter in a pharmacy (and technically should not administer over the counter products for patients), and while beauty salons may be able to purchase and operate the same or similar devices, are often they are not able to treat beyond certain parameters and so may not be able to achieve the same results with their devices. Furthermore, because beauty salons are not beholden to the same regulatory standards, the environment in which they administer treatment, and/or the safety of how they deliver therapies may vary.

The key message

Beauty salons and aesthetics clinics have a place in providing enhancement services; in some cases, there may be overlap. Beauty salons offer great treatments and services within their scope of practice; however, if you are seeking more powerful results, an aesthetic clinic may be preferable.

If you feel like an aesthetic clinic is what you are looking for, book a consult with us today!