The benefits of silk

Treat you hair and skin to the ultimate nap-time experience with @aescendaesthetics and our range of silk products.

The luxurious texture of silk lends itself well to skin and hair health. Reduced friction is kind on hair breakage and inflammatory skin conditions, allowing inflamed skin to heal, and skin barrier to repair.

The nature of silk to glide over skin helps to prevent the prolonged low level trauma your skin experiences against regular linen when sleeping. Furthermore this property reduces debris from being pushed into open pores which can result in formation of comedomes (black and white heads).

For the reason that silk is a poor harborer of pathogens, as well as the fact that mulberry silk fibres contain sericin, a protein that potentially has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, silk is the must-have bed time accompaniment for problematic skin.

Silk is also hypoallergenic and because it is non-irritative reduces puffiness. The effects of which can be amplified by keeping your silk eye mask wrapped in the fridge prior to use, and sleeping with the head slightly elevated.


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