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The Aescend Difference: Focused on Natural Results with Longevity

When you think about cosmetic injectables or visiting a cosmetic clinic the word “natural” may not immediately come to mind. However, at Aescend Aesthetics we believe in embracing and enhancing your beauty while ensuring lasting results. Our approach focuses on providing targeted treatments, than transformations. By offering comprehensive consultations to cater to your specific needs ensuring you receive the personalised care you deserve. Our aim is not to make changes but rather to exalt your beauty by investing in maintenance and a lifestyle that complements your true self. When it comes to addressing skin concerns we take a holistic approach. Often recommend lifestyle adjustments, alongside our clinic management services. Our ultimate goal is to deliver natural results and provide enduring solutions to clients as an Australian aesthetic cosmetic clinic.

What is Aesthetic Clinic About?

So really what is an aesthetic clinic all about? As an adjective, aesthetics literally means to be ‘concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty’, whereas as a noun, aesthetics refers to ‘a set of principles underlying the work of a particular artist or artistic movement’ (Ref: Oxford dictionary).

Aesthetics and aesthetic clinics have evolved as a subset of the medical discipline where the focus is cosmetic refinement. Largely this is through non-surgical or semi/minimally invasive treatments and procedures that aim to reduce the physical signs of ageing and/or create visual harmony amongst individuals. At Aescend we are devoted to achieving these outcomes in a way that promotes the most natural-looking results with the minimum amount of intervention, where multimodality treatment provides holistic outcomes for patients. Furthermore, true to the definition of the word ‘aesthetic’, our artisans take personal pride in implementing the underlying principles of aesthetics and facial anatomy in a way that is artistically expressive.

Some aesthetic clinics, including our own, may also cross over into the area of cosmetic dermatology. At Aescend the skin and the unique psychophysical drivers that effect it are a key area of interest and we enjoy nothing more than supporting our patients through the journey of diagnosis and management for a host of problematic skin conditions. Our aim is to provide sufficient education and support to patients with dermatological conditions so that they may be able to regain control of their skin and manage breakouts over the life spectrum.

An Experience, Not Just Treatment

At this Australian cosmetic clinic, your visit is this more than just an appointment—it’s an experience. Located on the South Coast of NSW. We’ve thoughtfully curated every element to make your time with us unforgettable. Indulge in gut-friendly beverages and treat yourself to locally-made health snacks from Sammy’s Fit Treats. Experience our LED room, complete with self-warming blankets and noise-canceling headsets, where we’ve meticulously crafted every detail for your ultimate comfort. Our signature quartz masks and Aescend branded ice-packs add a touch of luxury, while our re-Cover makeup station featuring Synergie Minerals makeup lets you leave feeling confident and radiant.

Detailed & Innovative

For us, it’s not about being the biggest cosmetic clinic in Australia. Instead we strive to create a detailed atmosphere where individuals feel secure at ease. We dedicate our time, effort and creativity to ensure that your experience is seamless, from beginning to end through our social media presence and website. The experts who will attend to your needs carefully craft the content you find on our blog, website, and social platforms. It’s not just any writers producing it; it’s a thoughtful creation by the very professionals who will be looking after you.

Furthermore, our commitment to innovation extends to every aspect of your experience. Local brand Soigne’Studios has developed our custom-made website, keeping your ease and convenience in mind. Our online booking platform seamlessly integrates with our in-clinic patient management system, streamlining onboarding, follow-ups, and record-keeping. Arriving at our clinic, you can check in effortlessly using our iPad interface, enabling secure, paperless collection of your information.

Beautiful, Comfortable Surroundings

While we love the finer details, we’re not just focused on aesthetics; we’re committed to providing an experience that transforms you from the inside out. Our premises offer private, on-site parking and stunning views of the Milton farmlands. The moment you step into our cottage-converted-clinic, you’ll be enveloped by the chic ambiance created by local builder Mollymook Building Co, with designs by Jenna and Stacey. The air is filled with scents from local company Blackwolf Candles, and carefully curated playlists set the mood for a sensory journey.

Brand Efficacy and Prescription Skin-Care

We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. The products on display in clinic are thoughtfully chosen for their effectiveness and affordability. Every range you’ll find here has been personally tested by Jenna and Stacey, allowing us to make informed recommendations. Plus, through our partnership with The Secret Skincare, we offer custom dermatology-grade prescription formulations that were previously unavailable in the region.

Safe, Evidence-Based Practice with Artistic Flair

As Registered Nurses, safety and evidence-based practice are at the core of what we do. Our approach blends scientific knowledge with aesthetic artistic skill to deliver outcomes that prioritise both your physical and emotional well-being. We’re committed to continuous growth, constantly expanding our expertise through extensive reading, research, annual conferences, and ongoing involvement in industry organisations like the Cosmetic Nurses’ Association (CNA) and Aesthetic Medical Emergency Team (AMET). Your safety is paramount, guiding us in all aspects of our work, including our utilisation of ultrasound for injections.

Client Reviews Speak Volumes

Anyone can say they curate beautiful aesthetics, a meaningful experience while having the best qualifications, but our client reviews confirm the Aescend difference is deeply rooted in our values. With 5 stars on google, see what some of our clients say below:

Shane, a satisfied client, shares:

“The staff, Jenna and Stacey, were very professional and caring which put me very much at ease for my treatments. The clinic is a very calming space which is not only stunning in its decor but also spotlessly clean and hygienic. I would highly recommend Aescend and will be definitely be returning in the future for further treatments”

Bianca loves to feel natural:

“I was extremely pleased with the professional service. The treatment I received was tailored to my needs, and the results were a natural enhancement, precisely the result I was aspiring to achieve”

and Anon, travels to see our artisans:

“I am so happy with my visits to Stacey, I travel from Bateman’s Bay.”

Exalt Yourself with Aescend Aesthetics

In a world that often promotes conformity, we are here to advocate for your distinctiveness. We specialise in celebrating your beauty and embracing individuality. Don’t just embrace your own beauty but also experiencing a journey of self expression.

We believe in prioritising lasting and natural results while providing an enriching experience, than just treatments. Our commitment extends beyond aesthetics; we provide comfortable surroundings that create a sanctuary for transformation.

Our brands effectiveness lies in our selected product ranges and personalised skincare that undergo testing by Jenna and Stacey themselves. With a focus on practices backed by evidence and infused with artistic flair we prioritise your safety and well being. We pay attention to every detail to ensure your visit is a blend of comfort and luxury from offering gut snacks to providing self warming blankets.

So why not elevate yourself with the expertise of Aescend Aesthetics? Exalt yourself at this aesthetic Australian cosmetic clinic and rediscover your own personal definition of beauty.

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