Your Guide to Nurturing Skin in Colder Months

Winter skin

As we embrace winter’s arrival you know who else notices the change? Our skin! The cool air and decreased humidity form a partnership that affects our skin in all kinds of ways… BUT don’t worry! By making some adjustments to your skincare routine you can keep your skin glowing throughout winter. So get comfy, with your blanket. Join us as we offer artisan advice, on giving your skin the care it needs during these chilly days.

Lock in Hydration

Let’s start with the basics: moisturising. Say hello to a trusty, thick moisturiser. This hero not only brings much-needed hydration to your skin but also keeps moisture from escaping. Bye-bye, dryness! Keeping your skin well-hydrated helps you rock that healthy, radiant look even when it’s frosty outside.

Cheers to Hydrating Masks

Imagine having your face wrapped up in an moisturising blanket. That’s the kind of feeling we’re talking about here. Hydrating masks provide the comforting embrace your skin craves when the harsh winter winds blow.. Guess what? You have options! Take a moment to relax and indulge in a DIY spa experience, at home or treat yourself like royalty by visiting our clinic for a well deserved facial. These masks are like a drink of water, for your skin giving it that boost it needs. So go ahead let your skin soak up all the love and witness that radiant glow bouncing in the chilly winter season.

Gently Does It: Exfoliation

Wait a moment… Exfoliation? Are you serious? We get it it might sound a little surprising but hear us out – it’s definitely an idea! Think of it as having a conversation, with your skin giving it some encouragement to stay happy and radiant no matter what time of year.. Here’s the thing; when the weather starts getting cooler you need to adjust. Be gentle like a comforting touch from a friend. Why? Well lets avoid any complaints from your skin shall we? And here’s the secret ingredient; this step is, like giving your skin a pass to showcase its beauty. So don’t hesitate. Treat your skin to some pampering and witness its glow in the midst of winter. Trust us your skin will thank you wholeheartedly for it.

Love Your Skin with Oil-Based Goodness

Now, let’s talk oils – the good kind. Introduce oil-based products to your routine, especially if they’re new to you. These goodies, packed with lipids and ceramides, work their magic by giving your skin a nourishing boost. Think of it as wrapping your skin in a cozy winter scarf – protection against the cold and a dose of care all in one.

Hydrate From The Inside and Out

Yep, even when the cold weather sets in, your body’s water cravings don’t take a break. So, keep that water bottle handy and take those sips like a pro. Why? ‘Cause it’s not just your thirst that’s getting quenched – your skin is soaking in the goodness too. Picture it like treating your skin to a sweet little spa session, starting from the inside and making you glow on the outside.

Show Some Love to Troubled Skin

Winter can sometimes stir up skin troubles like perioral dermatitis or pesky cold sores. To avoid these unwelcome guests, give your skin some extra TLC. Keep up with your skincare routine to help your skin stay strong and fend off these annoyances.

Embrace the Laser Magic

Winter is prime time for laser treatments. With your skin a shade lighter, those treatments can work wonders. Connect with a pro to explore how these treatments can give your skin a helping hand during the winter months.

Cosy Up with a Silk Pillowcase

Time to introduce your skin to luxury: a silk pillowcase. It might feel a tad chilly at first, but your skin will thank you. Silk pillowcases are like a soft hug for your skin, reducing friction and potential irritation. Get ready for some sweet dreams and happier skin.

Embracing Winter with a Skincare Routine that Loves your Skin Back

These simple tips ensure your skin stays hydrated, happy, and radiant all winter long. So, go ahead and give your skin the warmth and care it deserves – even when the weather outside is frightful.