Can Acne Treatments Make Acne Worse?

Best Acne Treatments in-clinic and at home

Dealing with acne is quite the struggle – not just when it’s in full swing, but also because of those lingering scars it leaves behind. It’s a universal challenge that doesn’t discriminate based on gender. Acne, with all its complexities, is like solving a puzzle with many pieces that need to be handled just right.

Managing Acne Requires A Few Things

Conquering acne requires a balanced strategy that addresses different aspects:

  1. Understanding Sebum Production: Keeping excess oil production in check is a crucial piece of the puzzle.
  2. Taming the P. acnes Bacteria: Managing the bacteria that’s at the root of acne is a significant battle.
  3. Taking Care of Excessive Cell Buildup: Taking care of the excess buildup of cells is another essential factor.

Guiding You Through Scarring and Treatment Approaches

Once you’ve managed to calm the storm of active breakouts, the focus shifts to dealing with the scars left behind. This is where various tactics come into play:

  • Reviving Skin with Resurfacing and Boosting Collagen: These techniques give your skin a fresh start.
  • Targeting Specific Scars with Subscision: Precision is the name of the game when it comes to subscision.
  • Deep Scars Meet Dermal Fillers: When scars are deep-rooted, dermal fillers can work wonders.
  • Shedding Light on Discoloured Scars: Special light therapies are designed to combat discolouration caused by scars.

Understanding the Ups and Downs

Understanding that acne treatment doesn’t consistently follow a straightforward trajectory is key. At times, there’s a possibility that things could experience a slight setback before they ultimately move towards improvement. Given the intricate nature of acne, a temporary exacerbation before notable progress sets in is a natural facet of the skin’s inherent healing and rejuvenation process.

Taking Steps Toward Solutions

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Exploring Comprehensive Solutions

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