Why choose a wholefood diet?

Have you wondered what the whole food debate is all about?

Whole foods are foods that are consumed in their pure form, as in they have not been processed or modified through refinement or genetic manipulation and they are free of chemical additives….basicially what food was before humans started mass producing it.

Gradually over the last century the human diet has become very refined, full of food that are convenient, preserved, emulsified and packaged. A diet high in such foods which often contain high trans (animal based fats) and sugar and which also tends to be low in fibre has been shown to decrease longevity. More so it is associated with increased incidence of comorbidities including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, liver disease and even cancer.

Conversely a whole food diet has been found to

  • lower triglycerides

  • promote skin health

  • control blood sugar

  • reduce overeating

  • promote dental health

  • improve the health and composition of our micro biome and support gut health

Not to mention adopting a whole food diet helps to support local industry, and if you are looking for truly organic produce this is often found more readily outside of the large chain retailers. In addition, due to requiring less chemicals and manufacturing/packaging, whole foods are more favourable to the environment.

If you are feeling sluggish, struggle with weight, find skin to problematic and/or experience gastric symptoms, it might be time to look a little deeper. The diet is an easy, cheap and effective way to start. If you are interested in knowing more we work with two accredited dieticians who specialise in female hormone @hormone.project and sports nutrition @athleticeating. Click below for an appointment today

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