All about cleansers

Cleansers are primarily used to help lift grime from the skin. Many have secondary functions such as lipid content to improve skin membrane integrity, antibacterial agents to decrease bacterial load, and actives such as AHAs and BHAs to encourage skin exfoliation and/or reduce sebum production.

Over cleansing with the incorrect product can strip the skin which may present as skin that is inflamed, dry and/or breaking out. Conversely when the pH of skin is unbalanced or the natural oils over cleansed, skin can over produce sebum and exacerbate underlying skin concerns.

Select a cleanser that is supportive to your skin and use as part of your normal hygiene routine. Consider investing in a couple of cleansers to alternate as your akin adjusts to one or the other.

And select a brand that is free of harmful additives e.g. parabens and phthalates that may be absorbed via the skin and destabilise respective skin and gut flora.

We stock multiple cleansers from the @medik8australia range which contain no harmful additives, fragrances or colourants:

  • Surface radiance cleanse – exfoliating blend of mandelic, lactic and salicylic acid, selected gentle yet effective anti-ageing action

  • Clarifying foam – Clarifying Foam is carefully pH balanced so that it won’t strip the skin or disrupt its delicate equilibrium. Aims to unclog pores, reduce inflammation and reduce bacterial load

  • Calmwise cleanser – specifically designed for redness-prone skin. Infused with calming, strengthening and conditioning actives, it helps to soothe sensitivity and improve skin health

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