2024 “DON’T’S” of Wedding Cosmetic Treatments

happy couple because they followed a cosmetic treatment timeline to ensure they felt amazing on their wedding day in 2024.

We’re keeping it simple and giving you the major NO NOs of cosmetic treatment plans for your wedding. Here are the 2024 DON’T’S of wedding cosmetic treatments before your big day:

DO NOT completely overhaul your skincare routine

Drastic changes to your home schedule (outside of that advised by your artisan) may have detrimental effects on your skin and increase the number of variables to control when trying to counter negative effects.

Please avoid being spontaneous

Plan and book in advance to avoid disappointment and/or incomplete treatment

Never accept a one size for all approach

Work with your artisan to tailor a treatment plan that is customised to you! Packages and too-good-to-be-true sales may leave you unhappy with the outcome

Less is more over a good wedding beauty timeline

Don’t be tempted to go stronger, reduce time between treatments or mix too many treatments together. The results may be catastrophic. Stick with the plan and look for someone who is not afraid to say no!

Listen to your professional artisan

Although it may sound like the answer to all of your wedding prep prayers, trying new procedures and treatments immediately prior to the big day is not advised. Allergic reactions, complications, infections and pigment changes are all real in the world we dabble and nothing would be worse then dealing with unexpected effects prior to your day. Not saying that you shouldn’t reach for the stars, just do it with lots of lead time and follow your trusted cosmetic nurses plan.

Don’t forget your back and chest

Backless dress? Wedding-bed garb? Don’t forget the back and chest! Unfortunately the skin below the chin line does not magically replicate itself into the glowing, pigment-free, wrinkle zone of your treated face without intervention of its own. Think of every bit of you that will be on display

Remember your hands

If trailing tendrils of a bouquet is not your thing then likely your hands will be on display for close ups of the flowers and the rings. Treat those talons!

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