Why you should be getting more fibre

It seems that all those years grandma gulped down Metamucil to keep her regular, she was onto something…that or the rest of us were a little slow to cotton on. Fibre is well and truly getting its moment in the sun. Often lacking from the modern diet, yet as we are realising, somewhat integral to good skin and gut health, fibre is an indigestible carbohydrate derived from plant sources. It’s function is to provide form and structure to plants by providing the base skeleton, but also by acting as an attractant to draw in water.

This property is why when you consume fibre you feel full. It is also why fibre helps to regulate bowel function and with the formation and passage of faeces.

Fibre acts as a food source for our gut bacteria, keeping them rich and plentiful. Which from our previous posts you will know perform vital processes such as digestion of food sources, liberation of nutrients, breakdown of wastes and maintenance of the gut wall.

Fibre may also help to lower cholesterol by reducing LDL concentrations low.

It helps to modulate hormone levels by capturing and helping with excretion of hormones which can otherwise recirculate in the body, causing elevation and potential imbalance.

It can assist with maintaining blood sugar by slowing down blood glucose absorption, as well as overarchingly help with weight control by improving satiation.

Fibre encourages elimination of harmful toxins from the body on a daily basis, and has been proven to help prevent colorectal cancer and metabolic syndrome.

By all of these actions, fibre inadvertently supports skin health which as a result of a healthy gut is less inflamed and prone to breakout, more hydrated, better supported and more resilient.

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